Friday, 10 May 2013

cadeli drum machine v 1.4.202 released

Many bug fix

new video


  1. Hello, is it possible to insert 1/32 or 1/8-triplets while the rest of the pattern contains 1/16 note length?

    Kind regards


  2. Hi, time signature is the same for the whole pattern. However, you can insert loop point at any step in each track so you can play for instance some 3/4 tracks in a 4/4 pattern. Just longpress on a particular track/step to insert a loop point.

  3. I encountered the same situation. The point is to anticipate the smallest (or fatest) sequence of notes you need. For example, you need 1/8 triplets in a basic 4/4 pattern (with 16 steps for 4 measures by default),you will have to create more measures with a number max of steps, and put tempo to X2 (or more ;) ). Hope it helps :)

  4. Hi, check out the new version
    A new feature allow to add 1/8 triplet without changing the tempo or bar number or time sign !