Cadeli Drum pad user guide

Drum Screen 


First line : instruments
       - Tap Up = Select instrument
       - Long press = load sample for this track (go in the file picker screen)
     Colors are :
              black = Track
              grey = Current selected track
              green = vu-metter for track

Line 2 to line 5 : Steps/pads
       - Tap Up = add note (depends on what is selected on line 5 )
                      = delete note if this step is not empty 
       - Long press = open menu : add Flame or accent  
       - Long press = close menu : flame and accents
    Colors are : 
              grey : no note on this step
              green : normal note on this step
              pink : loop note on this step
              blue : accent note on this step
              yellow : flame note on this step

bottom line : Commands
          button 1 : play /stop
          button 2 (drum) : select drum pad
          button 3 (synth1) :  select synth1 pad
          button 4 (synth2) :  select synth2 pad
          button 4 (mixer) : select mixer screen
          button 5 (bpm)   : select bpm screen

Synth1 and Synth2 screen


 a,b,c,d button : select step range for the pad
                         a = steps 1 to 8
                         b = steps 9 to 16
                         c = steps 17 to 24
                         d = steps 25 to 32

tap on step  = add/remove note for pad step and pitch
      Button 1 : snd button :  open sound edit screen for the current synth
      Button 2 : arp button :  open the arpeggiator screen for the current synth
      Button 3 : scale button : select scale for the current pad

Mixer Screen


  first line ( mute buttons)
                  drum :  mute/unmute button  for drum track
                 synth1 :  mute/unmute button for synth1
                 synth2 :  mute/unmute button for synth2

  sliders : select volume for each track

  a, b, c d buttons : select current pattern for synth1 or synth2 track
  1 to 8 buttons : select current pattern for drum track
  loop buttons : select/unselect loop mode for patterns


Line 8 : Patterns
          Long press : select song mode 
          Tap Up : select pattern mode (loop this pattern)
                         select pattern
          Colors are :
              green : current pattern
              yellow : pattern in song
              gray : pattern outside song

BPM Screen 


increase/decrease bpm (tempo) with respectivily (+) and (-) buntton or use the main slider

Command Screen 


    click on main menu title (cadeli drum pad) to open command screen

         copy : copy track or pattern (depends of the last item selected)
         paste : paste track or pattern (depends of what is in the copy buffer
         clear : clear all notes in selected track
         fill : fill the selected track with some notes and add a loop
          rand : add random notes on the selected track
          auto : select automatic random mute/unmute for selected track while playing

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