Wednesday, 29 June 2011

cadeli drum machine 1.4.95 released

New UI

Track Controls

Audio Mixer

Sample Controls

Piano Roll

Main menu


  1. keep up the good work!

    love it!

    samurai kat kowboy

  2. Does the exported MIDI file import to ableton?

  3. Hi!

    Great app, bought it and have lots of fun with it!

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE add MONO WAV EXPORT? I want to include the drum track into a multitrack recorder (FourTracks, excellent app too), which by design only supports mono tracks (I could imagine other Android multitrack recorders don't support stereo either).

    Since the app has a "Mono" switch I hope this is not too hard to do? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks & Cheers,

  4. Since 1.4.110, you can export now in stereo OR mono mode in 44Khz OR 22 khz OR 8khz, just configure the settings

    Exported files are available on this site, so you can test the compatibility with ableton, fourtrack, or any other application/software